Parts number DJ111092 - Cdi Unit - Bajaj - Replacement of Rouser 180 - Rouser 220


Why the CDI is important in your motorbike ?A Capacitor Discharge Ignition is an electronic ignition device that stores an electrical charge and then discharges it through an ignition coil in order to produce a powerful spark from the spark plugs in a petrol engine. This is very userful parts to ingite the system of your engine. Check your milage for the replacement. Get best advise from your Bajaj mechaninc. Enjoy your ride! 

Kawasaki Rouser 180 CDI Assembly Genuine DJ111092 

Quick Details
Warranty: 1year
Certification: CQC ISO9001
Product Name: Cdi Unit
Model: BJ PULSAR180 UG4 Rouser180 Rouser220 PLSR180
Material: Plastic+electronic components
parts code:: DJ111092
Color: Brown
Quality: OEM and good quality 100%
type:: Capacitor discharge type (CDI)
Size: 80*66*25mm


Model Number: BJ PULSAR180 UG4 Rouser180 Rouser220

parts code:: DJ111092

Price: 2,850 PESO

Philippines: LBC Express 

Other payment: Gcash , Paymaya , Lbc express 

Price: $55.00
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Weight: 400 g