Professional harmonica for christmas gift diatonic 10-hole


When you want to level up your playing high quality with your harmonica you need to get the best resources of materials made by your harmonica. This harmonica plays with great diatonic tune able you the bend the tone with high tune and juice of the sound. Check the video below for sample demo. GET TODAY!

M1, as the first round hole harmonica of Kongsheng, has superior bendability, awesome response, excellent airtightness and bright tone.

* Round hole provides more comfortable playing
* Adopting new process and design for the comb, which creates very smooth hand feeling.

This harp is perfect for beginners, and also a recommended go-to harp for professional players.



Cover Material: Stainless Steel

Number of Bores: 10Model Number:

M1Pronunciation Method: Diatonic Reed Material:


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Price: ₱2,450.00
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Weight: 81 g
Dimensions: 102 mm × 32 mm × 18 mm