Rouser 180 chain replacement parts number JC101035 bajaj


Get a best replace your timing chain every milage 18,000 to 22,000. Usually timing chain make a noise even you make some adjustment because the parts are stretch everytime you drive your motorbike. Sometimes it depend on the habitual habit of the driver causing the timing chain to get noise and brittle as time goes by. A healthy motorbike must consider every milage of your driving habit. Sometime parts of the motorbike are healthy but you don't need to wait until suddenly broken. Hassle free when you know the every milage of your motorbike parts need to be consider of replacement before it suddenly broken. Enjoy your ride! When you take care of your rouser 180 motorbike. 


Milage : 18,000

Next replacement: 36,00 millage

Always be prepare on advance if you want a healthy motorbike. 

Kawasaki Rouser 180 / 200 Timing Chain Replacement Genuine JC101035

Part Number: JC101035


The timing chains are manufactured using high grade stainless steel in order to satisfy the needs of clients at our vendors end. post-finishing, these chains are duly checked on various criteria like finishing and strength. the fitment of the product is as per oe specification.

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Weight: 180 g