Suzuki tremolo 24 holes affordable harmonica


Great wind instrument to start on for beginners and intermediate level. The sound of tremolo has a wonderul experience of peace nad relaxation in your body. This is also best for Christmas gift or any specail event for both boys and girls. Start today enjoy music in your life!

Easy to use and user friendly to all entry level from beginners , intermediate and professionals harmonica player. This is a wonderful Suzuki tremolo 24 holes harmonica.

Suzuki 24 Holes Tremolo Harmonica Key of C

Suzuki Study-24 is high quality 24 holes, tremolo harmonica, key of C, made of harmless resin frets, it features thicken spring, compact and durable stain steel cover plate, beautiful tone and compact construction, marks of "DO" with white color, considerate design for beginner and musical lovers.

Gorgeous 24 holes tremolo harmonica, key of C, delivers melodious and bright sound.
Thicken spring for your sensitive and stable performance.
Adopts eco-friendly resin frets, safe for playing and not easy to distort.
Marks of "DO" with white color for primary player to find the place of tone easily and quickly, pretty convenient for playing complex melody.
Stainless steel cover plate with high glossiness, compact construction and durable quality for long service life.
Easy to play, humanized design for you move your mouth smoothly.

Material: Resin & stain steel
Key: C
Item size: 17.8 * 3 * 2.5cm / 7.0 * 1.2 * 1.0in
Item weight: 122g / 4.3oz

Package List
1 * Harmonica
1 * User manual
1 * Cleaning cloth
1 * Box

Price: ₱900.00
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Weight: 122 g