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Local Phone: 512-8909


Frequently Ask Questions:

  1. I am living outside the country and i plan to send items and goods to your my family , friends and relative ? You can buy here in our store using paypal. The time frame  for delivery is ( 1 to 3 days ). If living in Cebu only 1 day. If send nationwide ( 1 to 3 days ) using JRS EXPRESS delivery.
  2. Do you accept cash on delivery ? Yes only in Cebu location.
  3. What shipping do you use ? We only use JRS EXPRESS for local because lowest cost and best  delivery services.
  4. Do you refund for broken item ? Yes we refund but need evidence such as picture or video. If the item is broken because of our fault then we refund but if customer fault due to negligence then we cannot refund. We make sure the item is tested , protected and well back before we deliver the item.
  5. Do you deliver outside Cebu ? Yes we deliver using JRS EXPRESS 1 to 2 days.
  6. Where do i pay for my order ? We accept payment using palawan express and LBC express but prefer in palawan express because cheaper commission rate to pay for the customer. For outside the country we prefer paypal payment.  
  7. Do you deliver outside Cebu City ? Yes we deliver but additional charges  between 50 peso to 200 peso depending in your geographical location.
  8.  I cannot find the item i am search in the website ? Give us a txt or call for item not found so we can offer you a best price. For new requested item we require 30% deposit and if the item arrived another 70% for the full payment.
  9. How do you compute for the shipping weight in Philippines? For every 500 gram the delivery fee is 130 peso. For 1 kilogram the service fee is 260 peso
  10. Do you deliver outside the country ? For international shipping services we partner in Philippine Postal. Click this link rate.  SHIPPING FEE 


For Cebu delivery kindly txt the complete address , contact person  and landmark of your location so that your item will be delivered faster.