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Waki therapy – electric technology


(1) Mainframe 1 set
(2) Seat cushion 3 pieces
(3) Connection wire of seat cushion 1 piece
(4) Leading prong 1 piece
(5) Electroscope 1 piece
(6) Power line 1 piece
(7) Instruction book 1 copy

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It can activate cells and accelerate metabolism. The negative ions generated by negative high potential electrostatic fields can activate the ATP enzyme of the cell membrane. The electric technology energizes our body by giving our cells negative potential energy. This energy helps to activate our cells and breaks through traditional treatments to support the functions of the body’s 8 main systems.

Scope of Application

Hypertension,diabetes,coronary disease,insomnia,eliminating fatigue,promote blood circulation,etc



The promotes circulation, allowing our cells to receive more nutrients and get rid of wastes. This also help you reducing the resistance of the flow.
This also help you supports healthy digestion activity which promotes the proper functioning of the stomach and intestines.
Assists the body with stress, supporting the immune system.





Mode 1

Automatic mode, Automatically adjust the voltage


Mode 2 Manual mode.

High Potential Terapeutic AC high-tech treatment by the high-tech, the formation of AC high voltage alternating field. The human body placed in the electric field which, through the electric field load on the human body have an effect. The role of the alternating electric field, the human body produces various parts of its subtle vibration, the imbalance of the tissues and organs are fully adjusted, the cells have to adapt to the electric field cycle with the movement, the cohesion between the cells to ease the tendency of inflammation, the cells see Liquids, mainly minerals in the body fluids (potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium ions, etc.), in accordance with the normal redistribution (ion effect). In this case,1, balance blood pressure, regulate blood pressure. Reduce blood lipids, blood sticky, purify the blood, promote blood circulation, so that the blood PH value to maintain weak alkaline; the human body surface and the surrounding atmosphere ionization phenomenon;2, to promote body fluid electrolyte metabolism, regulate body fluids potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, chlorine, calcium ions according to normal health distribution;3, activation of cells, regulate intracellular potassium, sodium, chloride ion concentration gradient distribution, enhance cell membrane permeability;4, activation of metabolism, accelerate the decomposition of fat;5, to promote fracture healing, reduce bone calcium loss;6, the elimination of fatigue, fatigue, shoulder acid symptoms;7, to promote gastrointestinal motility, enhance gastrointestinal emptying function, diuretic;8, the elimination of abnormal brain waves, the occurrence of brain Zisi, improve sleep environment, improve sleep quality, eliminate headaches, dizziness symptoms



Medium frequency electrotherapy

The use of cutting-edge technology, the use of artificial technology, the high-speed vibration frequency of the role of the middle cycle and the human body, the spread of fluctuations around the human body to generate a stable exchange of high-voltage negative electric intermediate frequency electric field, this stable potential to focus on the body, (Heat, electricity, mechanical energy, chemical energy, etc.) to maintain balance, showing a strong state, full complement of human dynamic energy movement.Frequency of electric field direction of 72,000 changes per second, the body cells will produce 72,000 times per second vibration. In this case,1, weight loss, accelerate the decomposition of fat, body sculpting beauty. In this case,2, through the meridians, blood stasis;3, the body produces a warm effect, promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation;4, increase blood, eliminate fatigue, fatigue and other subhealth status.



Low Potential Therapeutic

Will be AC by high-tech processing, the formation of negative low-voltage electrostatic field, through the electrostatic bath on the body have an effect. 1, regulating the cerebral cortex, autonomic nervous system and endocrine system function;2, the elimination of stress and physical and mental fatigue caused by fatigue, improve work efficiency;3, enhance memory, improve sleep, eliminate headaches, dizziness symptoms;4, two-way regulation of blood pressure, reduce blood viscosity, accelerate blood sugar decomposition;5, to enhance the body’s response capacity, response ability and environmental adaptability.



Negative Potential Therapeutic

Will be the high-tech AC processing by the high-voltage, the formation of negative highvoltage electrostatic field, so that the human body produce electrostatic induction and polarization, all added to the human body to produce electrostatic induction and polarization, all-round rest resting energy of the human body.High voltage electrostatic field to break the body of the original Some charge distributes the state and reallocates it. The organization components: water, electrolytes, colloidal molecules, due to changes in charge in the organization, the cell between the swimming, resulting in a series of biophysical and chemical changes, promote tissue, organ physiological function, pathological changes, Regulation function, adaptation function, nutrition function, immune function and metabolic function. In this case,1, to supplement the human anion, enhance the human biological energy; improve the body’s natural governance force;2, repair the cell membrane potential, so that cells remain polarized state;3, excitement of parasympathetic nerves, regulation of autonomic disorders;4, the elimination of vasospasm, inhibition of sympathetic secretion, activation of vascular intercellular VICC biological closed circuit, lower blood pressure5, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, sleep, promote wound healing, eliminate skin allergies, itching symptoms, so that the skin has a shiny, flexible;6, the release of electrons, reduce free radicals;7, reduce the burden on the liver, activation of gastrointestinal cells, accelerate the old, waste, acid, toxic waste decomposition excretion;8, to enhance blood redox reaction, maintain blood acid-base balance, improve acidity in weak alkaline (PH value between 7.35 to 7.45);9, to improve lung ventilation function, increase the number of tracheal cilia pendulum and mucosal secretion, is conducive to mucus discharge, increase lung capacity.



Comb the use of the method, the ball placed on the ground, comb massage the body




Used to confirm whether the production of electricity




Can stand on top, or lie on top




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